Arteflame Barbecue Grill large

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This stunning BBQ is widely used in Europe and the US and we are now launching it in the UK. It is a truly elevated barbecuing experience where the food griddles on the hot plate giving it a delicious charred taste without carbon from cooking over a direct flame.The 6mm carbon steel plate quickly gets to a really hot temperature and you can cook a huge range of foods without it sticking, breaking up or drying out. All meat and fish taste amazing cooked like this, but we have been particularly blown away by the way it cooks vegetables and seafood, especially squid which gets a lovely caramelised taste. You can use wood or charcoal and there are lots of accessories to choose from to ‘pimp’ your grill. It is a beautifully produced product in a small run factory which is designed to be left outside all year round and last a lifetime.

Note: When your grill arrives, the cooktop will be silver (unseasoned). It will develop the dark color shown in the images once it’s been seasoned and used several times.

It comes in 3 sizes - large being extremely large. You are welcome to make an appointment to view the product at the showroom and discuss how it works.This product is available for almost immediate dispatch directly from the Netherlands to your doorstep.

MATERIAL: High grade corten steel and carbon steel cook top
DIMENSIONS:  (large) H 97 x W 101 cm (medium) H 79 x W 76 cm (small) H 53 x W 50 cm
WEIGHT: (large) 135kg (medium) 85kg (small) 35kg

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